iDeas Limited is professional Baby High Chair,Baby Walker,Swing,Playpen,Tricycle,Face Paint,Products Design,Prototype,Tooling,Mould,Manufacturing and more.
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High Chair
Baby Walker
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Naked Eye 3D Screen
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View:High Chair
High Chair
View:Baby HighChair 3 In 1
Baby HighChair 3 In 1
View:Baby Walker
Baby Walker
View:Baby Walker
Baby Walker
View:Raw Bones
Raw Bones
View:Swing Crib&Bed
Swing Crib&Bed
View:Football Face Paint
Football Face Paint
View:Baby PlayPen,play yard
Baby PlayPen,play yard
View:Baby Walker Girl
Baby Walker Girl
View:Mini micro scooter
Mini micro scooter
View:Drift Trike
Drift Trike
View:Naked Eye 3D Screen
Naked Eye 3D Screen
View:Wooden Tray
Wooden Tray

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  iDeas (China) Limited is design & manufacturing & Sourcing and sales products,our Service include:Website Design, Artwork Design,Products Design,Engineering,2 D& 3D Drawing and Prototype,Mold tooling,Plastics Injection,Steel Bend, Punching, Welding, Our products include baby care,toys like baby high chair, Scooter,Tricycle & Dirt Trike, Swing & Playpen, Face Paint t and more.
     Our brand embodies the spirit of fun and Safety.
Based in Shanghai China,The company was founded in 2008 with the introduction of its now Ride on , dedicated to the development and manufacturing of electrical and non-electrical toy products,Today, iDeas offers a full line from products design to prototype, Mold tooling Manufacturing and mass production. the baby care we have iBaby brand and ToyMaster Brand, the iBaby Brand include Baby high chair, Playpen, swing, the toymaster  include trike, scooter, trike and more....
   From day one, iDeas has focused on providing the very best riding experience. The company combines cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials and strict safety standards to deliver a product that is design to suit your baby.

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